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Building and Decorating your Dolls House

Decorating your Dolls House

Dry build your dolls house first using masking tape to hold it together.  This will help to identify which parts you want to paint or paper whatever colours of your choice and will also identify the bits that will fit together.  Avoid getting paint in the grooves that fit together tightly.

Seal it with a half and half PVA and water mixed, this will stop your paint and wallpaper paste soaking into the wood.

Sand any rough bits.   It is much easier to paint all your windows and decorative mouldings before assembly.


Vinyl Silk is probably the best paint to use as it’s easy to put on dries quickly and can be wiped clean.  If your house is mdf the pva mix and vinyl silk is sufficient. If your house is ply wood you should use a primer first.

There are also brick and stone effect papers available, textured paints, plastic bricks, real brick sheets, single bricks.  Bear in mind the weight if using bricks especially on the opening door hinges.


There are roof tile papers, individual tiles, shingle strips, moulded tile sheets, plastic tile sheets.  Wallpaper paste for the paper and pva for the other materials, unless the manufactures recommend something else for their items.

The outside of your house will be on show all the time so choosing what it will look like is the first exciting and enjoyable thing you will do with it. 

Anyone who has experienced building and decorating please do add your hints and tips to my blog we as always love to hear from you the enthusiasts and any help for fellow miniaturists is greatly appreciated.

Posted by Melody Jane

2 Comments To "Building and Decorating your Dolls House"

Don Rogers On 01 Feb 2017
My wife, Alice, has us working on one of your MDF houses. I saw your posting recommending a PVA/water mix for priming/sealing the surfaces, but other articles I've read on-line warn about swelling from water absorption. That creates concern about warping. BIN makes a shellac-base primer/sealer that dries quickly and does not contain water. Would you agree that this is a good alternative for this project? Reply to this comment
Melody Jane On 01 Feb 2017
Thank you Don that sounds very good advice to me, just what I was looking for.

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