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Reasons to Visit the Dollhouse Museum in Warsaw, Poland

Why you should Visit the Dollhouse Museum in Warsaw, Poland

If you’re looking for an interesting place to visit, and you also love dollhouses, Warsaw in Poland just might be your next destination. This is where you will find the Dollhouse Museum, an entire museum dedicated to dollhouses from around Europe and throughout history. People from all over the world head to this museum, which goes to show how great it is for dollhouse lovers. Here are the biggest reasons why you should visit it.

There Are More than 100 Pieces to See

This isn’t a tiny exhibit that you can walk around in 10 minutes or so. Instead, it’s a large museum with plenty to see, explore and learn. In total, there is more than 100 dollhouses and structure. And there are even more trinkets and items filling each of those dollhouses. You can spend all afternoon looking around the museum, and even longer if you want to pay attention to every little detail. And that’s something I would definitely recommend because the details are the most incredible parts of these exhibits. It’s definitely worth the price of admission.

It’ll Spark Your Own Creativity and Give You Ideas

If you have a dollhouse of your own, or maybe more than one, you are probably always looking for new ideas. Well, these dollhouses will certainly spark your own creativity and provide you with all kinds of great ideas that you can put to use when you get home. There are so many things to see, and you’ll be sure to see things that you have never seen before. There is no better way to get new ideas for your dollhouse back home. Many people leave with a lot of photographs and notes that they will later use to improve their dollhouse.

It’s One of the Most Enchanting Museums in Europe

The great thing about the Dollhouse Museum is that it’s an interesting place, even for people who have no particular interest in dollhouses. So, if you’re someone who does have an interest in them, the museum will be doubly interesting and appealing. It’s an enchanting space that you can walk through at leisure. There is nowhere else like it in Europe, or even the entire world. It’s slightly surreal when you are walking around this room of miniature buildings, each one filled with small daily items and dolls doing different things. You can’t help but fall in love with it all.

The Displays All Have Historical Relevance

There is more going on than initially meets the eye when you visit Warsaw’s Dollhouse Museum. The exhibits show us what life was like in Poland, and other countries in Europe, was like at various times throughout the 20th century. That’s why the museum can be just as appealing to history enthusiasts as it is to dollhouse fans. Even if it’s not what you went in for, you will come out having learned a lot about European history, past design trends and architecture in Poland and other nearby countries. It’s a nice added extra that adds depth to the museum.

Posted by Melody Jane

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Wendy On 16 May 2017
Great! Another good reason to add Warsaw to my plans for our next trip! Reply to this comment

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