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A Journey into building a Dollhouse

15/11/2017 0
Hi my name is Chris and I work here at Melody Jane Dolls Houses. I've set up a Tumblr, it'll house a journey into the building of one of the dollhouses we stock, the Jasmine Gothic Victorian house. I've never built a dollhouse before, I'm not going to lie :P - but I see it as a challenge, a learning curve, and I do like to push my limits in my creative part of me.With that said, this Tumblr log will chronicle the entire build of the dollhouse, from receiving it to piecing it together bit by bit, my thought process along the way, to decorarting the exterior and interior. I'm hoping to learn a lot, provide some insight into a beginners mind, as well as potentially making some tutorials along the way.Please take a look.... follow me. I may need all the help I can get!  A Journey of Building A Dollhouse...
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20/10/2017 0
Double Points Weekend from NOW till Sunday at Midnight GMT. Earn double points for every purchase you make. ...
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Devonshire Villas Dolls House

18/10/2017 0
Devonshire Villas dolls’ house. Made in 1900, it is a replica of a real house that stood in Kilburn, North London. It was a present from Samuel Loebl, who lived in the house at the time, as a present for his daughter, Cecy. Both his daughter and his grand-daughter played with the house. It is decorated and furnished in the very latest style for the time and many of the features, such as the fitted bathroom and the double sink in the kitchen, were very modern. The bathroom walls have “sanitary” wallpaper, specially coated to be washable and still a very new idea at the time. Cecy made the carpets, lampshades and upholstery in the bedroom and drawing room. The house was exhibited at a Toy Fair in Frankfurt in 1925. ...
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An Interview With mmmbyselma

10/10/2017 0
One of our Facebook posts garnered a bit of attention so we thought we'd reach out to @mmmbyselma and have a little chat with her. She's creating some absolutely fantastic pieces of miniature food and we're sure it's going to make you hungry by the end of this post.    Q: Hi Selma, thanks for agreeing to doing this interview with us, we're delighted! For everybody that's reading can you please tell us a bit about yourself? Thank you very much for contacting me and for your interest. Pleasure is all mine. I am Selma Mahmutovic, an artist - miniaturist and freelancer art educator. I live and work in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. It's been almost seven years now since I've dedicated my work to polymer clay. Even though I drew, painted, and printed graphics, sculpting has always been there and I gladly worked on it - whenever I had a bit of time I sculpted.  However, somehow that passion of mine would always end up in a drawer due to many obligations at the Academy of Fine Arts at the time (students of printmaking will know what I mean). After the official classes at the Academy, I've decided to take a little break before graduation - and that was the best move I've ever made. I did creations for myself in my own home studio, and without any outside influence I've realised that this is what I'm meant to do. My life always revolved around fine art, but in last six-seven years it became a very part of me.    Q: How did you get into making miniature pieces of artwork? Growing up in a country where dollhouse miniature and dollhouse culture did not exist, I devoted myself as I said before, to classical fine art. I am a very detailed oriented person and miniatures are all about details. Since for me it is important not to be superficial in any of the segments of work, so I read a lot, experimented, and learned different techniques. Thanks to the new technologies and social media I met a lot of artists through the internet.  We still exchange experiences, advises, and encourage each other in creativity. The miniatures came as a logical sequence after I got well informed about polymer clay techniques. Nothing makes me happier today than applying my knowledge to creating miniatures not only for me but for many collectors. Every second I create miniatures is pure joy for me.    Q: What is the process for making them; how long does it take; what tools do you use; where do you get your ideas from? The process of creating miniatures is rather demanding and often lasts long. Of course, it depends on what I am creating and which material I am using. For example, if I sculpt food, I first prepare all types of polymer clay by conditioning it, I prepare colours I'd need, and other materials such as acrylic paint and pigments of soft pastels. I also take time to determine the scale. Time for creation depends on miniature complexity. I never rush because I focus on the success of every little story I am making. Tools are extension of by body. What I cannot do with my hands, I use different tools. During these seven years I've collected many different sorts of useful tools. Those that I use the most are blades, dotting tool, silicon modelling tools, and needles.All interested can see the tools I use here:, magazines, and cooking shows play big part in my miniatures creations. Inspiration comes from everyday life - if you know how and where to look. I pay attention to details around me. I wonder a lot. I love to read. I've never stopped reading children's literature, and I get inspired by it as well. For all of this, very often my creations are often in intense colours and somewhat 'childish'. I love stop animation, and I don't think there is one stop animation movie that I haven't seen. The process of creating these movies is incredible, and characters in these movies are product of imagination. Therefore, I am in love with miniatures and sculpting.    Q: What aspect of creating these pieces do you find most challenging or rewarding? For me, every miniature is a challenge. Each one is more or less difficult in its own way. The moment I sit down at my desk is the moment I enter my Mmm... world. Something like 'Alice in Wonderland'. She was facing different characters and challenges. I am facing different tools, materials, colours, shapes, challenges - ups and downs. I embrace all of it, but make sure to upgrade myself with every new creation I make. Personal state of mind directly influences the creation. My biggest reward is seeing people's smiles when they first look at my work.    Q: What's in the pipeline (plans) for 2018, seeing as 2017 is nearly over... it's gone so fast! This had been a wonderful year for me, filled with creative challenges even though I did not make all the miniatures I wanted. I am beyond happy that my miniature tomatoes found their way to the New York Magazine with all other wonderful creations of other miniaturist.    Q: Do you have any words of wisdom for those readers looking to get into miniature making?Any quick tips or starting points! We live in an Internet era. It takes only one click to make something available. Who wants to create miniatures can find all about in online. There are plenty of tutorials out there, so follow those but also pay some sort of respect for people who share their knowledge for free online with the whole world, and always give credit to those artists you pick some 'tips and tricks' from, and especially if you try to copy their work as a way of learning. That's will make both you and the artist feel good - and possibly you can also make a friendship like this. What I would advise is to always pick material that you feel comfortable with and simply get started. Without maximum dedication to work and experimenting, there is no progress and for sure - no exciting new creations.    We're so thankful to Selma for sparing us her time and for her sharing a little bit of her life and work with us. We're sure that 2018 is going to her year, thanks and all the best Selma!! Social media/shop: Facebook: @mmmbyselma Instagram: @mmmbyselma Twitter: @mmmbyselma Etsy:    ...
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Site Updates

04/10/2017 0
We've been quiet this week... it's only Wednesday and we've been busy! *sympathy*We've been working hard behind the scenes to improve the overall shopping experience. From now on, if you see a product that isn't in stock you'll see a little Yellow "Notify Me" button. Click this and fill in your details, as soon as we're back in stock, you'll receive an email to let you know. We feel this is far better than keep checking back and back... it's time consuming, we're not about that!  We've added a "Miniature News" section to the home page, it directly links to our Facebook page so you can keep up with all news in the world of miniatures... creative ideas, videos, competitions and customer show offs. Whilst we're working we've also taken delivery of some lovely new pieces of miniatures, go and have a look, tease yourself... And finally, we've launched a new Facebook competition.... up for grabs is not one... but two mystery goodie bags worth £50 each!!! Head on over to our Facebook page, you have a week to go. Just like share and comment on the competition post. ...
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A Dollhouse for Christmas

22/09/2017 0
We know it's only September, but whilst I'm sat here thinking about that I realise something... there's only 94 days left till Christmas!!!Everyone is quickly making lists, checking them twice and in some cases (maybe most?), already making those purchases in time. John Lewis, one of the UK's leading department stores has unveiled it's Top 10 Christmas List trend report... and guess what's made Number 4! Ahead of such favourites as Lego! Have a read through the list here. All of us at Melody Jane Dolls Houses are extremely happy that dollhouses are coming back into the 21st century with a big bang. Hopefully the trend will only grow and grow and a new age of people will discover this fantastic hobby!...
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Christmas Delivery Schedule

18/09/2017 0
Just a quick update. Christmas is quickly approaching and we've been looking at how fast we can work and how quick we can get your deliveries to your doorstep. So we've put together this handy little calendar to show you when you need to order by to have it delivered by Christmas. Please note it's always better to order earlier than the final delivery date to guarantee a successful delivery! Please take a look at our Christmas Delivery Schedule...
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Triple Points Week

07/09/2017 0
We're nearly in the second week of September. Which means one of two things, it's nearly Halloween, which means it's nearly Christmas!! There's just too many needed dolls and accessories to purchase! Here at MelodyJane, we've thought about this... For one week only, from 7th September to the 13th, we're offering triple loyalty points on all of our products. Every 1000 points = £5 so you could really use this to bump up your points and start spending them just as quickly.With many great item being added weekly and loads to choose from in our Clearance department, it won't take you too long to find a great bargain! Confused about our Loyalty Points programme? Head over and have a read....
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Brushing The Dust Off...

25/08/2017 1
We've given the website a fresh lick of paint, a much needed update, worked on our products and added a lot more to our inventory... and then we remembered, what about the blog! Oh no!!We've taken out our miniature broom and dustpan, looked at the dust and decided it's time to get to work. From today onwards we aim to write at least one new post a week, we may even treat you to two ;-)Some of the things you can expect to see...More indepth look at our products, from new to old. From different photos than our product shots to in-depth write ups!YOUR submitted photos of showcasing your dolls and dollshouse. To your projects and builds.A wander around the globe and a look at the wonderful world of miniatureTips and tricks... ever wondered how a certain effect was made? You'll find out here...EXCLUSIVE competitions where you can grab yourself a bag load of doll goodies!And much, much more!!See ya in a few days! ...
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Bespaq Dolls House Furniture

18/07/2017 0
Are you finding it difficult to source Bespaq dolls house furniture?  I am expecting my first direct order from Bespaq shortly.Over the coming weeks I will be building up my stock of Bespaq 1/12 and 1/24 scale furniture.  All of their designs are beautifull, I don't know where to start!So if there is anything you have been trying to locate or just coveting for a later date, let me know in the comment section below and I will add it to my orders.Coming Soon ............................U.K based supplier or Bespaq dolls house furniture, fine miniatures and collectables....
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Doll maker creates hyper-realistic celebrity figurines that sell for up to $1,500

15/03/2017 0
Interested in dolls and looking for a new hobby? An Instagram user from America has recently been posting of his self-made dolls that remarkably look like real life celebrities.The American who goes by the Instagram alias of Cyguy83 has posted pictures of his hand made dolls Madonna, Meryl Streep and Beyonce, at first Cyguy83 whose real name is Cyrus starting designing the dolls as a hobby but started to enjoy it so much he found himself investing more and more time in designing the dolls to make look as near perfect as possible.Once he started posted the images on his account he noticed that he was getting requests from the public so he decided to start selling them on Ebay – they typically go for around $200 but more recently one doll that he made recently went for nearly $1500.To get the look of the celebrity dead-on, Cyrus said he often moulds the dolls' heads himself.'Sometimes I use an existing doll head mould, strip off the factory paint, and repaint it. 'Often, though, I cannot get the likeness I want with a factory head sculpt. 'In those cases, I will sculpt a new head myself, cast it in a mould, and go from there,' he said.His favourite doll to make is based on Madonna but he’s now getting so many different requests from customers he’s now using his ability to flawlessly create a range of other celebrity dolls.His market is currently in the US and from what I can see there isn’t a similar UK based artist so if you have an interest in this kind of art why not give it a go yourself and see if you can make some extra pennies just like Cyrus is....
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History of the Dollhouse

08/01/2017 0
Dollhouse CollectingFrom coins to cola bottles it seems that people collect just about anything these days.  Collecting has become a very popular hobby among people of all ages and cultures and there is something very appealing about miniature houses and tiny furnishings that has encouraged a large number of both children and adults alike to fall in love with collecting dollhouses.  Dollhouses are available from various eras, in various sizes and types, making the possibilities for a dollhouse collection endless.  The dollhouse collector is not just limited to collecting the dollhouses, but all the miniature accessories to go in it too.  Not to mention you can collect entire miniature towns or villages with shops, post offices, pubs, libraries and other buildings available in diminutive form.  But where did it all begin?History of the DollhouseStromer House is one of the oldest known intact doll houses we have today.  It is on display in the Germanisches National Museum in Nuremberg, Germany.  Presented to the museum by Baron von Stromer, its original owner is unknown, but it has been dated to 1639.   However, dollhouses have been around a lot longer than that.  The known history of dollhouses began over 400 years ago but it is unclear who actually invented the very first one. The very earliest known dollhouse was built for Albert V, a Duke of Bavaria in the sixteenth century. This created the fashion amongst wealthy individuals for displaying dollhouses with miniature furniture.  As these things do, the fashion then filtered down through the social structures of the day. Because only the wealthy could afford intricate dollhouses, cupboard dollhouses were developed for the common folk.  These resembled a regular piece of furniture; however, once opened up, they had a tiny intricate room embellished with furniture and miniature dolls. Even then, the dollhouse was considered a toy, but the definition of a toy was far different than it is today.  This was an era when children were seen and not heard and the children of the aristocracy were taught from an extremely early age to treat their possessions with the utmost care and respect.  The dollhouse occupied a place of honour within the home and children were expected to admire the dollhouse, touching it only rarely and extremely carefully.The houses were painstakingly handmade, sometimes replicating the actual home in which the family lived or a well-known building.  The house was elaborately furnished with miniature versions of not only furniture but also paintings, tapestries and other wall hangings, all generally to scale.  Even full kitchen furnishings were reproduced from teakettles to china dishes.In the 1920s, a perfectly scaled one-inch to one-foot dollhouse was built for Queen Mary and dollhouse makers began creating dollhouses to fit this scale so as to resemble a real house in miniature form as closely as possible. Today, buying a dollhouse that is of perfect scale is a very important aspect to a serious collector as there are many scales that can be found.By the 19th century the dollhouse had evolved into a more modern version of a toy.  Mass production allowed dollhouses and there accompanying furnishings to be acquired at a much lower cost.  What had once been the province of the extremely wealthy now became accessible to everyone. ...
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