Discontinued Permanently Dolls House Walnut 4 Poster Great Bed of Ware Tudor JBM Bedroom Furniture

Fine Quality - Made by JBM - 1:12 Scale - Wooden -

Comes with mattress In 1463 a carpenter from Hertfordshire presented a unique bed to King Edward IV. It was magnificently crafted, large enough to sleep 12 people, and decorated with ornate carvings depicting scenes from history and legend.  The turned posts at the foot of the bed incorporate a small cage formed by a fine turned spindle at each corner.  The current owners of the bed would display their family crest or figurine.  The cage sits on a hand carved plinth which is the bottom of the bed post and the foot of the bed.

Over time it fell out of use with the royal family and ended up at an Inn in Ware, where lodgers debased it with carvings and graffiti.  Legend has it that the ghost of the carpenter attacks any commoners sleeping in the bed, taking revenge against those who debased the object he made for royalty.

The bed was bought for the Victoria & Albert Museum with Art Fund support in 1931, making it the only ghost supported by the Art Fund.

Width 143mm Length 184mm Height 187mm = 5 5/8 x 7 1/4 x 7 3/8 inches

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Dolls House Walnut 4 Poster Great Bed of Ware Tudor JBM Bedroom Furniture

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