Real Good Toys

Real Good Toys, Inc. is a Vermont woodworking manufacturing company, handcrafting dollhouses and doll house kits since 1972. Today, RGT enjoys a major national image and exports worldwide.

As a new business 45 years ago, Real Good Toys started with a commitment to be thrifty, reuse, recycle and manufacture using sustainable resources. We are loyal to our family of employees and insist that our imported products come from “fair trade” companies as well.

Real Good Toys’ Dollhouses have been under the White House Christmas tree, featured on Hollywood television and film sets, and owned by celebrities. Our doll house kits have been carried by the Smithsonian Gift Shop and the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum. RGT has continually introduced creative dollhouse designs and through the years has helped transform American miniatures into the popular collector’s hobby that it is today.

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