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The Lundby Collection

The dollhouses from Lundby have everything you could possibly need to create your own world! Small and large, outside and inside - with Lundby, the child can play and fantasise their own stories. The child can use the dollhouse and the small dolls house rooms together or separately to create a dollhouse that looks exactly as they want it. Big or small? High or low? The child decides for themself, in Lundby's playful dollhouse world! 

The child then decorates the house with the detailed furniture, stairs, lamps and all the other playful accessories available in the Lundby range. When you turn on the lights, the cosy dolls house becomes something very special! The warm and cosy glow from the lighting in the dollhouse really is the finishing touch!

Lundby's first dollhouse came in 1947 and about 25 years ago, in 1997, they joined Micki in the development of their doll’s houses. They have since continued to create houses, dolls, furniture and other accessories that reflect how we live today. 

The Lundy range is now much more modern, and all new houses and accessories are aimed at the battery-operated LED lights to make decorating your houses with lights much easier.