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The Lundby Collection

Lundby, also known as Lundby of Sweden, is a Swedish maker of dolls houses and miniature furniture for the mass market. Lundby dollhouse furniture has been produced since 1947 and their dollshouses have been sold since the late 1940s. The company started in the Gothenburg suburb of Lundby, which also gave the company its name.

Lundby were the first to have had electrical lights in their dollshouses ("child safe" 4 volt rather than the more standard 12 volt) and is notable for following contemporary trends in interior and furniture design.

The most common Lundby house style is the 'Gothenburg' which first appeared in 1959. This style of house was very popular and is still being sold today. It was renamed as the 'Småland' dolls house in 2006. There have been many other styles of Lundby dolls house introduced over the years, such as the 'Stockholm' House in 1975 (and a newer, more modern, version in 2005).

Lundby houses, furniture and accessories are 3/4 inch scale, also known as 1:16 or today as 1:18 scale, where 1 foot in real life is 3/4 inch in dolls house size.