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Quick Clamp, 100mm. Metal clamp, handle made of plastic, with nylon jaws.Lightweight clamp with quick-release button. Single-handed operation allows variable adjustment.The Quick Clamp can also easily be converted into a spreading tool. To do this, simply remove the wing nut of the fixed clamping ja..
Acrylic paintbrush - 30mm = 1.3/16 inchesThe flat brush allows easy and even application of paints and varnishes. Perfect for painting roofs that are covered with roof tiles or shingles...
Plastic Kit Glue 20mlA very fast, plastic cement for all types of plastic kits. The clog-resistant formula and fine tip bottle make for great ease of use.Bonds: styrene, clear plastic, and even wood to plastic...
Fast setting PVA glue for quick adhesive jobs. Apply thinly and uniformly with a brush or other spreader, press parts together...
High quality transparent EVA glue sticks.  Excellent adhesion to many substrates including wood, fabric, most plastics, ceramics and light gauge metals.  Bonding time approximately 35 seconds.  Compatible with Silverline Glue Guns (100012 and 745134)...
Brand: Silverline
Heavy duty metal base featuring reinforced spring holder.  Supplied with cleaning sponge...
For fast assembly of card models also bonds card to most plastics, balsawood, paper, metal & wood.  Clean, neat, instant card modelling glue...
Quick setting super glue for quick adhesive jobs    Care instructions: Keep out of reach of babies and children. Bonds on contact. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. In case of contact with eyes, flush liberally with water and immediately seek medical attention.   NOT FOR SALE TO ANYONE UNDER 18 YEA..
Brand: Silverline
230V 15(25)W UK For use with ceramics, glass, light gauge metals, wood, plastic, fabric & card For light craft use Integral fold-away stand Includes 2 glue sticks Glue Stick Dimensions 150mm x 7.5 mm..
Non-staining, dries clear, does not attack copper tape - Brush onto paper and allow to fully soak for a non-wrinkle finish - Coverage 25ml of paste per 0.1m squared = 1 sq ft..
Brand: Houseworks
Everything You Wanted To Know About DollHouses But Didn't Know Who To Ask BookletBook Contents:Types of Dolls Houses, Sequence of Steps to Finish A Dolls House, Workshop Tools and Supplies, Painting, Electrical, Windows and Doors, Shingles, Clapboard Siding, Porch And Stair Accessories, Landscaping,..
Dolls House Aqua Magic – For Modelling Realistic Water - 125ml – Miniature DIY
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Aqua Magic 125ml - For modelling realistic water.Aqua Magic is a 1-part solution to the scale modelling of water effects such as rivers, canals, lakes, ponds, puddles & mud.No mixing, dries clear in 36-48 hours, safe & low odour...
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