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Operated by enthusiasts, the Melody Jane Dolls Houses is dedicated to provi..
Battery Lighting Electrical Lighting..
Got an idea for the perfect dolls/scale house? Are prebuilt buildings just ..
No dolls house could possibly be considered complete if it isn't inhabited ..
There are several hundred dolls house decor available, here at Melody Jane ..
Whether you are looking for cheap dollhouse miniature furniture or accessor..
Whether it’s your own miniature dollhouse accessories or a house of yo..
Dolls House Dogs Dolls House Cats ..
Dolls House Flowers, Plants & Pots Do..
Special occasions should not be overlooked, and this is true of our dolls h..
1:24 dollhouse scale (or half scale) is gaining ground in the UK and Europe..
At Melody Jane Dolls Houses, we have a huge selection of Dolls House 1:48 S..
Lundby, also known as Lundby of Sweden, is a Swedish maker of dolls houses ..

Welcome to Melody Jane

Melody Jane

Established in 2002 Melody Jane Dolls Houses are delighted to offer a huge range of dolls houses, doll’s house furniture and dolls house accessories. The majority of our products are 1:12 scale but we also stock 1:18, which would be our Lundby Collection, 1:24 and 1:48 scale furniture and accessories.


With nearly 5000 stocked items you will find products from top quality brands such as Aztec Imports, Stewart Ross, Handley House and many more…

1:12 Scale - Wooden - 5 Piece set - Approximate height of Shower 137mm - 5.3/8 inches..
£15.99 Ex Tax:£15.99
1:12 Scale - Flat paper - Approximate width 60cm - height 43cm = 21.1/2 inches x 23.5/8 inches..
£2.75 Ex Tax:£2.75
1:12 Scale - Ceramic - 15 piece set - Approximate height of Coffee Pot 37mm = 1.7/16 inch..
£5.99 Ex Tax:£5.99
1:12 Scale - Wooden - Battery run - width 42mm - depth 25mm - height 46mm = 1.5/8 x 1 x 1.3/4 inches - To replace the battery pull out the clock face ..
£15.99 Ex Tax:£15.99
1:12 Scale - Approximate Width - 45mm - 1.3/4 inches - Approximate Height - 45mm - 1.3/4 inches..
£8.50 Ex Tax:£8.50

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