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Dolls House Pet Accessories

Enhance your dollhouse with our adorable Doll's House Pet Accessories.

From miniature pet essentials such as a pet bed, food bowls, toys, and even a tiny leash for the dollhouse pets. 

Made with attention to detail and quality materials, these accessories are perfect for sparking imaginative play and adding a touch of realism to your dollhouse collection.

Create a cozy home for their dollhouse pets with these charming accessories.

Fine Quality - Made by JBM Miniatures - 1:12 Scale - Wooden    The Victorian bird cage is decorated with spires on the top of the 4 cages that surround the top section of the main cage and on the top of the main cage . A small bird sits on a swing in the upper section of the main cage. There is a d..
£92.99 £83.69
Dolls House Ornate 3 Turret Walnut Wood Victorian Bird Cage with Birds Miniature
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Fine Quality - Made by JBM - 1:12 Scale - Wooden - Width - 104mm - depth 43mm - height 135mm = 4.1/8 inches x 1.3/4 inches x 5.3/8 inches..
£114.99 £103.49
Brand: Vanity Fair
1:12 Scale - Metal - Bird cage with perch and opening door hanging on fancy white wire standOverall width 45mm - height 145mm = 1.3/4 x 5.3/4 inches..
£4.99 £4.49
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