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Landscape & Floral Pictures

Enhance the charm of your dolls house with these exquisite landscape and floral pictures.

Crafted with attention to detail, these miniature artworks bring a touch of nature to your doll's living space.

The vibrant colors and intricate designs of these pictures create a realistic and picturesque setting.

Whether you choose a serene countryside scene or a blooming garden, these pictures add a delightful ambiance to any dollhouse.

Made from high-quality materials, these landscape and floral pictures are durable and long-lasting.

With their small size, they are perfect for decorating dollhouses of any scale. Transform your doll's house into a beautiful and inviting home with these charming landscape and floral pictures.

1:12 Scale - Resin frame, card, wood & fabric - Set of 5 Approximate height of frame 73mm width 59mm = 2.7/8 x 2.5/16 inches Items are also sold separately..
1:12 Scale - Resin frame with painting - picture is not attached so can be used together or separatley - width 64mm - height 75mm = 2.1/2 inches x 3 inches..
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