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Lundby Lights & Electric

Seeing your doll's house light up is a magical feeling, creating a cosy homely atmosphere

Brand: Lundby
1:18 Scale - Lundby's Dolls House Lighting. Approximate height 62mm - Use these lamps to create beautiful lighting in your doll's house! The set includes a hot air balloon lamp and a moon lamp. The lamps are battery-operated, so you can place them anywhere you like in the house. They switch off aut..
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Brand: Lundby
1:18 Scale - Lundby   Three extension cords, five double bulbs and one cord to connect the extension floor to the doll's house.    (The cord is also included when you buy the extension floor.)    Only to be used together with a Lundby power supply in a Lundby doll's house.    ..
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Brand: Lundby
1:18 Scale - Lundby's Dolls House Lighting Power Supply for UK. The adapter has short-circuit protection that automatically shuts off the output if there is a short-circuit. Always use a Lundby power supply for your Lundby doll's house. Output: 5 VDC 1900mA 9.5W...
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