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Safety Information - Magnets


Warning: Prior to using our products, we urge you to carefully review this safety notice. It includes vital information concerning the use of magnetic discs that may be included with specific products or available for separate purchase.


WARNING: Keep out of reach of children!

Our products are not intended for use by children under the age of 14 years.

Ingestion of magnets - It is imperative to never ingest magnets. Swallowing magnets can result in a dangerous situation where they may attract each other within the intestines or bowels, potentially compressing the surrounding tissue and leading to a disruption of blood supply. The ingestion of magnets can result in severe internal injuries within a short timeframe, posing a life-threatening risk. Should you suspect that a magnet has been swallowed, it is crucial to seek prompt medical attention without delay.

Separating magnets - Slide one from the other using a sideways motion. Once separated, keep the free magnet moving away until a safe distance from the other(s) to avoid them snapping back together. Please note they are strong please take care while doing this. Please allow at least 11cm in between each magnet and all objects that can be damaged by magnetism

Rejoining magnets - When the magnets are close they will snap back together/join forcefully this can lead to breakage, potentially causing the fragments to dislodge and pose a risk of injury to you and others around you. Please take care working with magnets.

Broken magnets - When a magnetic disc has broken it can pose a risk of sharp edges. Therefore, it is advisable to handle them with the same caution as you would any sharp items such as a knife, scissors, or broken glass.

Interference - Magnets can present a substantial hazard to medical implants like pacemakers. It is strongly recommended to avoid using our magnets near individuals with pacemakers or comparable medical devices.

Allergic reaction - Our magnets are nickel-plated, a material that may trigger allergic reactions in individuals exposed to prolonged contact with objects emitting nickel. It is advisable to minimize extended contact with nickel-plated magnets and completely refrain from contact with nickel-plated materials if you are already sensitive to nickel.

Disposal of magnets - Magnets should be disposed of conscientiously, following relevant laws and regulations. It is imperative to refrain from disposing of magnetic materials in waterways under any circumstances.


It may not be obvious that your child has swallowed magnets.
While older children can tell you what they’ve done, young children may not be able to.

Signs to look out for include stomach pain, nausea, or vomiting.
They may not be able to keep down fluids.
You may suspect a stomach bug or appendicitis.

Act quickly if you’re worried.

If you think your child may have swallowed magnets, take them straight to A&E or phone 999 for an ambulance. Don’t delay, trust your instincts.

For more information on magnet safety, please

magnets safety poster from child accident prevention trust

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