Lundby Classic Dolls House 1:18 Scale Swedish Dolls Play House

1:18 Scale

Create your own dream world with a Lundby doll's house!

You can decorate the interior of this fantastic doll's house yourself, with its open plan solution and beautiful wallpapers from Sandberg Wallpaper, using all the amazing accessories available for Lundby.

Who lives in your doll's house? And what do they like doing? Let your imagination run wild when playing with your doll's house.

The house can be easily extended with an additional floor and a summer garden. The windows and balcony door can be opened and closed, and all rooms can be powered by the Lundby power supply.

The lights are really the icing on the cake, switching on the lights in your doll's house is a very special feeling!

Welcome to Lundby's classic doll's house!

Width 75cm - Depth 26cm - Height - 39cm = 29.1/2 inches x 10.1/4 inches x 15.3/16 inches

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Lundby Classic Dolls House 1:18 Scale Swedish Dolls Play House

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