Dolls House Walnut Spanish Court Cabinet Table C1600 Miniature JBM Furniture

1:12 Scale

Carving was the main ornamentation of the Italian Renaissance furniture. Perfectly proportioned, exquisitely detailed, the legs on this cabinet are gun barrel turned and the carved ornament consists mainly of faceted lozenge shapes.

The back legs are plain rectangular characteristic even on extremely ornate pieces of furniture c1670.The idea that the description Court has royal connotations is almost certainly wrong the word court is French for short and refers to the low height of the cabinet.

The spreader bar at the bottom and sides of the cabinet are fluted as is the font edge of the middle shelf. The sides of the top section are enclosed by three spindles on either side. The centre Baluster is decorated under the middle shelf with a finial.

The cabinet measures 3 inches = 76mm high x 3 inches 76mm wide x 1 1/2 inches = 38mm deep

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Dolls House Walnut Spanish Court Cabinet Table C1600 Miniature JBM Furniture

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