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Dolls House Lighting Guide

Planning your Doll's House Lighting:
If you have purchased, received, or grown up with your Doll's House, one of the most important decisions is which lighting you would like to use and how it will be applied to your house. It is important to keep in mind how you would like to light your house before you do any decoration, especially if you are looking to use electric lighting to ensure all wiring can be hidden.
It can be a very daunting task and you may not know where to begin, this is why we are here to help you. 

There are two different types of lighting:Battery Lighting 
LED battery lighting is a popular option for dollhouses that have already been built and decorated, smaller houses or projects that may not be able to be wired or it may be that you would like to change the decoration of your house or move the lights into different positions.A disadvantage of single LED battery lights is that you will need to manually switch each light on. When you need to, you can change the battery by unscrewing the base of the lamp. The generic battery needed is a 377a button cell, it may change for different lights, please always check the battery code before purchasing replacements.After you have chosen your style of light, checked the light is working, you are ready to position your light. We recommend using magnetic disks. The product code of these is LT7602. These magnetic discs can be used to hold battery lights, pictures, or other miniatures in place. Glue one magnet to the wall or ceiling where you wish to attach your light or picture and glue the other magnet to the back of the light or picture. If you would like to move your light in the future, please keep in mind the type of glue you are using as when you come to remove the magnetic it may damage your decoration.We have over 80 LED battery lights to choose from suitable for any room in your doll's house, from ceiling lights, wall lights, lamps, and other lights. Check out our Battery Lighting page here!Electrical LightingAs electric lighting will include running wires, please keep in mind where you will place them and how you will hide the wires, if required. The popular option for electric lighting is the twin-wire method.The items required to begin is:
  • 12v transformer power supply
  • A fused power socket strip
  • Power socket strip extensions if required 
When you are purchasing your transformer, please note each transformer power supply will have a capacity on how many lights it will be able to light. Our most popular UK transformer (EL188) runs 1 to 32 Light Bulbs.There are different transformers for different plug outlets within the world, we currently stock for the UK, US, Canada, Japan, and Europe. Next is the power socket strip our most popular strip (HW2203) has 12 slots for you to plug into your lights, this particular power strip has a single master switch, however, you can purchase power strips that have individual switches for you to choose which lights you would like to light which is handy when you don't want to light the whole dollhouse at once.Depending on the number of lights you would like to use either now or in the future, we do have a lighting Socket Power Strip Lighting Kit 15 Piece Wiring Set (MH0657) which could be more suitable for individuals who have a larger house or project.Once you have the required items and you have chosen your lights, we would always recommend testing all equipment before you install the items within your doll's house. Our electrical lights are all 12V and come with a standard white plug and white wires approximately length 600mm = 23.1/2 inches.Take into consideration the amount of wire that is available and where you would like to position the lights in each room. When you are ready to install, the white plug is able to be removed from the end of the wire by removing the gold pins with pliers, once you have taken the pins off, you can then remove the wires from the plug and pass them through the desired area/hole from the room to the back of the doll's house, then you can feed the wire back through the plug and add the pins back on ready for you to attach to the power strip.The power socket strip is usually placed at the back of the house for you to run all wires to this area. We would recommend rechecking all lights are working before adding the decoration to the house and attaching the light to the wall if required. We have over 100 electrical lights from chandeliers, ceiling, wall, lamp, outdoor and other lights for you to choose from. Check out our Electrical Lighting page here!

Other helpful tips:

We would always recommend testing all lighting before you install them into your dollhouse to ensure they are working to enable you to resolve any issues that have may need resolving.
As we ship worldwide, we always recommend checking all bulbs are secured into place as they may become loose on their journey to their new home. If you have several lights, and one, in particular, isn't working, we would recommend taking a working bulb and trying in the non-working light, this is to eliminate this as an issue.  
If you have chosen to use Electrical lighting we would always recommend testing one light at a time, please keep in mind each transformer is only able to hold so much voltage.
If you have chosen to use Battery lighting and it doesn't appear to be working, please unscrew the base of the light, take out the battery, put it back in, and ensure the base is secured into place for the battery to connect fully. 
It can be very easy to damage a bulb or blow a fuse accidentally when you are installing your doll's house lighting, it is always recommended to have spare items available when required.
See our Electrical Lighting Accessories

We are always happy to help, if your still unsure, contact us here!