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JBM Miniatures

1:12 Scale - JBM Miniature The arm chair with open arms has a high back with straight carved finials  The quadrangular legs that form the chair under frame are joined with a straight stretcher at the back of the chair.  The front stretcher is decorated with an ornate pierced carving and the bottom ..
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Fine Quality - Made by JBM - 1:12 Scale - Wooden - 1840-1880. The sewing box. The Lye shaped ends are connected with a shaped bottom shelf that stands on on bun feet.The sewing box is designed to be used as an end table. The Oval shaped table top lifts to display the interior which is divided into..
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Dolls House Working Walnut Chippendale Revival Grandfather Clock Miniature JBM
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1:12 Scale - JBM Furniture - Wooden - Battery run -The working Reproduction of Grandfather clock English 1900s with moon-phase arch dial. The hood has a hand caved pediment with ball and spiral finials and door has a carved decorative frame and is flanked by reeded Corinthian columns. The drawer at ..
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Fine Quality - Made by JBM - 1:12 Scale - Wooden - The Victorian bird cage is decorated with spires on the top of the 4 cages that surround the top section of the main cage and on the top of the main cage .A small bird sits on a swing in the upper section of the main cage.There is a door at the fr..
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Dolls House Victorian Tea Table Walnut JBM Miniature Living Room Furniture
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Fine Quality - Made by JBM - 1:12 Scale - Wooden - English 1850 The tabletop has a moulded edge and the apron is serpentine shaped and fits between the legs of the table. The tops of the tapered legs are hand carved to match the carving on the apron.The table legs are fluted and joined diagonnaly b..
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Fine Quality - Made by JBM - 1:12 Scale - Wooden - 1650 Arts and Crafts Hall stand with 3 coat hooks on either side of the oval mirror holder. Slats are used to form the back and sides of the seating section. Each side, attached under the chair arms by timber brackets are rods to hold umbrellas and ..
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Fine Quality - Made by JBM - 1:12 Scale - French sleigh stool with shaped walnut frame around raised rolled sides. Carving on both sides of the frame and on the claw feet has been highlighted in gold. Original 16c design. The stool Measures 2 inches high from floor to top of scrolled timber sides, ..
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Fine Quality - Made by JBM - 1:12 Scale - Walnut wood with fabric upholstery - width 115mm - height 90mm = 4.1/2 inches x 3.1/2 inches..
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1:24 Scale - Wooden and cane - Jacobean style with cane inserts and turned baluster legs. The cradle swings from the front and back spindles. The hood of the cradle is decorated with matching finals. The cradle measures 2 1/4 inches high to top of supporting post x 1 inch wide x 2 inches long = 57m..
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1:12 Scale - JBM MiniatureWing chair walnut wood upholstered in black leather and studded.The arms and legs are scrolled and the spreader bars hand carved.Height 95mm = 3.3/4 inchesDetailed Scale Model For Adult Collectors..
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Fine Quality - Made by JBM - 1:12 Scale - Wooden - 16C Tudor Side cabinet. Half an octagon in shape the top has a concave moulding around all sides. The small panels have been decorated with roundel designed carvings. The bottom shelf is enclosed by the back panel of the cabinet. Width 70mm Depth 4..
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Dolls House Built in Bath Tub Hand Painted JBM Miniature Bathroom Furniture
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1:12 Scale - Wooden - JBM Miniatures - Bath with enclosed glass sides and mirrored back. Painted white and decorated with small hand painted flowers. length 135mm - width 70mm - height 140mm = 5.5/16 inches x 2.3/4 inches x 5.1/2 inches..
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1:24 Scale - JBM Furniture - Qing Dynasty Day Bed. A sign of status, this bed is intricately decorated with auspicious motifs, and embellishments. Decorative fabric would have been draped between the posts of the bed and on top of the wooden canopy, that forms the ceiling and is decorated with a woo..
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1:12 Scale - JBM MiniatureSerpentine shaped desk top hand painted black with a Chinese style water scene in gold. The carving on the knees of the cabriole legs have been highlighted with gold. The bow fronts on the side drawers and the flat centre drawer have been illustrated in gold.Width 100mm - D..
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Fine Quality - Made by JBM - 1:12 Scale - Wooden Bow front Chippendale Credenza with one top drawer the width of the cabinet, 2 doors and one interior shelf. The cabinet is hand painted Chinoises Length 82mm - depth 35mm - height 67mm = 3.1/4 inches x 1.3/8 inches x 2.5/8 inches..
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Dolls House Carved Sideboard Buffet Walnut Miniature JBM Furniture
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1:12 Scale - JBM Miniature - Beautifully carved detail - length 105mm depth 40mm height 115mm = 4.1/8 x 1.1/2 x 4.1/2 inches..
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1:12 Scale - JBM Miniature - Jacobean Hall Couch featuring a high panelled carriage style back walnut finish upholstered in a white brocade fabric - length 145mm depth 50mm height 140mm = 5.3/4 x 2 x 5.1/2 inches..
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1:12 Scale - JBM Miniature - Beautifully carved detail - length 125mm depth 45mm height 140mm = 4.7/8 x 1.3/4 x 5.1/2 inches..
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1:12 Scale - JBM Miniatures This versatile piece of furniture is designed for use as a side table or desk.Length 133mm Width 57mm Height 54mm = 5 1/4 x 2 1/4 x 2 1/8 inches..
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1:12 Scale - JBM Miniatures - Victorian period (1715-1770) Double Seat Settee Known as a Chaperone Chair. Walnut upholstered in a beige linen fabric - Length 160mm = 6.1/4 inches..
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Dolls House Hepp Dining Table JBM Dining Room Furniture
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1:12 scale - Dining Table, rectangular with moulded frieze and Hepplewhite style tapered legs.The top of each leg has a small geometric carving. Width 5.75 inches x Height 2.38 inches x Depth 3.6 inches = 146mm x 60mm x 91mm...
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1:12 Scale - The cabinet measures 5 3/4 inches high = 135mm. Each panel on this heavily carved cabinet is a door that opens to reveal a storage compartment...
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The top of the headboard is 5 inches - 127mm high. The bed is 4 1/2 inches wide x 6 inches long = 104mm x 152mm...
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The bar stool has a triangular shaped back with exposed timber frame.The bar stool measures 4 1/4 inches high x 2 1/8 inches wide x 1 7/8 inches deep it is upholstered in burgundy Faux Leather and finished with a mahogany stain...
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1:12 Scale - Wooden with fabric upholstery - JBM Miniatures - The chair measures 3 3/4 high x 2 1/4 wide x 2 1/4 inches deep = 84mm x 53mm x 53mm..
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JBM Miniature - 1:12 Scale - Wooden - width 82mm - height 152mm = 3.1/4 inches x 6 inches - Two door wardrobe with hanging rail and two drawers..
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1:12 Scale - Wooden with fabric lining - length 175mm = 6.7/8 inches - Interior length 153mm depth 22mm = 6 x 7/8 inches..
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1:12 Scale - Show wood chair frame with scroll arms a and serpentine stretchers between cabriole legs. The carving on the legs is repeated on the seat frame. Walnut finish upholstered in a gold and maroon silk brocade fabric. Width 50mm Depth 49mm Height 100mm = 2 x 1.15/16 x 4 inches ..
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Dolls House Rococo Chaise Longue Leopard Print Walnut JBM Furniture
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1:12 Scale - JBM Miniatures - Victorian French Rococo style chaise lounge with rolled head rest and serpentine shaped arm rest. The hand carved cabriole legs have pad feet, the timber frame incorporates the sweeping style of Rococo which appeared in France about 1730. Walnut wood upholstered in a fa..
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